The Final Pop-Up Diorama

The Final Pop-Up Diorama

Thank you for participating in the art exhibit There is no Lobster!

There Is No Lobster is an ongoing art exhibition.
Feel free to print out a pop-up diorama to give to a friend, hide in a shoe, place in a restaurant’s bathroom…

Below you will find a quick reference guide on how to cut and fold the printed diorama.

Print out the No Lobster diorama by clicking here. Another pop-up diorama, We Are But Food For The Gods, can be printed by clicking here (the folds and the cuts are the basically the same).

Step 1:

After printing, your diorama printouts will look something like the image below.


Step 2:

Cut out and fold the diorama so it looks like the image below. The bottom of the middle section should be longer than the two side sections.


Step 3:

Fold the diorama like the image below. Fold the middle section under the side sections, holding them in place (if you have a tiny piece of tape, you can tape the bottom to assure the bottom folds stay.)


Step 4:

All done! Now go stick it in a public space and spread the love! If you wish to take a pic and post it on Instagram feel free to tag me (@zapzapvega) (#zapzapvega)